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Wrapping up the Reunion

mercredi, 2 juillet 2014   (0 Comments)
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Below is an overview of the  7th Alumni World Reunion, which took place in Geneva from 12 to 14 June 2014. There are many more photos available here, but you'll need to sign in to access them.

Ecolint flag on Pont du Mont-Blanc
(Photo: Irene Pournaras - Nations 2011)

The Ecolint flags flew from the Pont du Mont-Blanc from 12 to 15 June to celebrate the gathering of hundreds of former students and teachers for the 7th Alumni World Reunion. With the Foundation gearing up for its 90th anniversary festivities, it was an ideal moment to reflect on its proud history and to toast firm friendships forged at a school whose impact endures for so many alumni.

Alumni World Reunion banner
(Photo: Roger Salem - LGB '79)

Around 480 people registered to attend the on-campus events, with at least 200 more attending the class dinners that took place on Friday evening, meaning that 600-700 alumni took part in total. We have received lots of positive feedback along with constructive criticism (!) and ideas for the next reunion. We're still sifting through the survey results and will report in more detail after the summer. (It's not too late to send us your comments.) The overall message, however, was one of satisfaction with the 7th Alumni World Reunion.

Items from AWR 2014 Welcome Bag
(Photo: Manzo Nitta - LGB '67)

The first trickle of alumni started arriving at the registration desk in LGB's Château early on Thursday afternoon, but before long they were arriving in waves. A team of volunteers helped to tick off the names and hand out welcome packs that included a commemorative keychain and a gift of a new lactose-and-sugar-free Swiss chocolate. Eager students led groups of alumni on tours through the campus buildings, old and new. Ecolint t-shirs and other memorabilia were in high demand at the Ecolint boutique.

Meanwhile at the La Châtaigneraie campus a much smaller group of alumni joined a campus tour led by principal David Woods, followed by an apéritif in the secondary staff room. Various factors had led to the decision to scale back the larger event originally planned for La Chât, but the occasion was marked nevertheless.

Vicky Tuck speaking at Opening Ceremony  Gisela Vargas, Lois Meyhoffer, Michel Pelletier
(Photos: Ecolint)

Back at LGB the Opening Ceremony featured speeches from the co-presidents of the Alumni Association, Karin Raton and Francis Wright, along with the Foundation's Director General Vicky Tuck (pictured above left - click here for her post-event message to alumni). Ecolint's oldest alumna Loïs Meyhoffer was in attendance and received a warm ovation. she's pictured above along with fellow Central Committee members Gisela Vargas and Michel Pelletier.

(Photo: Roger Murray, LGB '67)

An apéro followed in the shadow of the new Arts Centre, with musical entertainment from Manuel Araoz (LGB '67) and Cengiz Yaltkaya (LGB '68).

Alumni World Reunion table set
(Photo: Ecolint)

The threat of summer storms led to the decision to hold the buffet dinner indoors. The cafeteria, though no replacement for al fresco dining in the main quad, nonetheless looked splendid and played host to a wonderful evening of lively conversation and catching-up. The last guests wandered into the night sometime after 23h.

Alex Rodriguez-Giovo presenting
(Photo: Ecolint)

The focus shifted to Ecolint's newest campus on Friday morning for a retrospective presentation from the Foundation's archivist - an alumnus himself - Alex Rodriguez-Giovo, pictured above in full flow. In the impressive surroundings of the new sports hall at Campus des Nations, all set for that afternoon's graduation ceremonies, a relatively small audience heard about some of Ecolint's historical highlights. (More than 140 people had registered to attend this event, but no more than 60 turned up. While some reported problems with finding the venue, it seems likely that late nights may have had an impact also!) The presentation was followed by the General Assembly of the Alumni Association.

Phil Wingate with Pascal Bolomet at La Chât Tea with the Teachers  Tea with the Teachers at LGB
(Photos: Left: Ecolint; Right: Robin Dormer - LGB '69)

It was time for the teachers to step into the limelight on Friday afternoon, with "Tea with the Teachers" sessions at La Chât and LGB. In all more than 40 (mostly retired) teachers attended across both campuses, taking the opportunity to meet and talk with their former students. There was further inter-generational exchange that same afternoon with some alumni having volunteered to talk to current students. "Alumni in the Classroom" sessions took place in the Primary, Middle and Secondary schools at LGB and in La Chât Secondary.

(Photo: Roger Murray, LGB'67)

The Vintage Tram Ride, which had been fully subscribed many weeks ahead of time, was enjoyed by all of those lucky enough to be on board.

Jeff and Laurie Noebels on Vintage Tram Ride

Among the fortunate 62 passengers were Jeff Noebels (LGB '68) and his sister Laurie Munn (LGB '65).

LGB Class of '67 at Class Dinner
(Photo: Manzo Nitta - LGB '67)

Friday night was Class Dinner night, with groups eating at a number of venues across Geneva and in Founex. The Brasserie des Halles de l'Ile hosted two groups side-by-side (LGB '59-'64 and '65-'71), representing almost 200 alumni in total. (The Class of '67 managed to sit still long enough for the photo above to be taken!) A similar number from LGB '82-'91 assembled in Mr Pickwick, while l'Escalade welcomed more than 100 alumni from LGB '74-'81.

La Châtaigneraie Class Dinner
(Photo: Renaud Smith - La Chât '82)

More than 60 from La Chât '71-'89 celebrated at the Auberge de Founex, pictured above, with various smaller groups gathering in other restaurants around Geneva.

Kermesse at La Châtaigneraie
(Photo: Ecolint)

The reunion was specifically timed to coincide with the Kermesses at LGB and La Chât, a decision that was appreciated particularly by those that had travelled from abroad. While the Kermesse always attracts alumni, their ranks were certainly inflated this year thanks to the reunion. Thankfully the weather cooperated and a day of fun in the sun ensued. Many took the opportunity to flick through old Yearbooks on the alumni stands. Some of those that were still around on Sunday returned to the LGB campus for a relaxing barbecue, before bidding farewell to Ecolint and least until 2019!

Your friends in the Alumni Office would like to thank everyone who attended, and particularly those that helped with the organisation in any way. Don't forget to share your feedback with us if you haven't done so already.

You can find more photos of the event here. (You'll need to sign in to the site to access the page.) If you have photos to share please contact - and you can upload your two best photos using this form.

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