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Escalade Dinner: Welcome to Miami!

jeudi, 17 décembre 2015   (4 Comments)
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Independently of each other, Annath Vardi (LGB '71) and Christie Ceballos-Levy (former Ecolint parent) contacted the Alumni Office a few months ago to ask whether an Escalade Dinner was planned for the Miami area. Together with Eduardo Torres (LGB '78) they made it happen. Eduardo sent the message below to the Alumni Office, probably not intending for it to be published in full...but we thought you'd enjoy it!

What started out as an idea and a lunch a few months ago culminated last Sunday December 13th as the first ever Ecolint Escalade Dinner for the newly formed and totally pumped Ecolint Alumni of South Florida!  In that short time the group went from basically zero to thirty-three members. I'm going to say that's a record, just because I can. But more importantly, out of that membership, fifteen signed up for the dinner and thirteen actually showed up! For South Florida, that's rather amazing. Many came accompanied and some came solo, but everyone had stories to tell, memories to test, teachers to remember, and a burning desire to reconnect with Ecolint.

I personally had a chance to talk to all the alumni, and yes, their backgrounds and stories are as diverse and international as I remember things being at Ecolint. While speaking to Céline Hakoun, who was speaking in perfect English, she informed us that she's actually from France!  Mon Dieu!  Lourdes Thomas and Blonnie Thomas' father was the ambassador from Liberia. Annath Vardi holds American, Argentinian and Israeli citizenships and speaks all the relevant languages and French!

Stuart Haan told funny stories of how two years in Geneva really disconnected him from the pop culture currently taking place in New Jersey, USA as well as his 'night in paradise' at the Macumba night club in France just across the border from Geneva. In that same vein, Hamid Shantai shared the secret lives of boarders and how they would sneak out to Geneva night clubs where their frequent visits merited them having bottles of spirits with their names on it.  Perhaps I should be withholding names...

Catalina Rosas told how a few years ago, a good number of years after leaving Ecolint, she was still recognized at The Road Runner! By name! David Clark recounted what it was like to show up at Ecolint for classes the day after Kennedy was shot  the Swiss neutrality mindset was in full force. I think for him it was as if it had happened last week. Tanya Tweeton (Smith) until recently thought she was the only Ecolint alumna in the area. Behdad Azadi is owner and president of a business that makes playgrounds for children, and is a landmark viewed by hundreds of thousands of Miami commuters every day, including myself.

Christie Ceballos honored me by telling me that she'd love it if her kids, Ecolint alumni, could meet me. I think she and her husband felt a twinge of guilt in enjoying the smashing of the marmite while her kids stayed home. But despair not, the remains of the marmite found their way home to those kids, so they wouldn't miss the snow and skiing quite as much.

And so on.  I know I'm missing some, but all the stories were equally unique.

I'm sure there are so many other anecdotes to tell, but the common thread was that everyone was so happy to see that the group had come together for this dinner. Only more activities and memories can come from this first gathering.

Eduardo Torres (LGB '78)

Christie Ceballos-Levy & Guillermo Levy (former Ecolint parents up to 2015)
Eduardo Torres (LGB '78) & Lorraine Thomas
Annath Vardi (LGB '71)
Hamid Shantiai (LGB '76)
Stuart de Haan (LGB '80) & his business partner
Yonca Atayolu Ables (LGB '84)
Céline Hakoun (LGB '94) & Michael Rupert
Lourdes Thomas (La Chât '83) & husband
Blonnie Thomas (La Chât ?) & husband
David Clark (LGB '69) & wife
Tanya Tweeton (Smith) (LGB '60)
Catalina Rosas (LGB '80)
Behdad Azadi (LGB '75?)

Signed up but had to cancel at the last minute:
Tumi Lengoasa (Nations '15)
Elise LaTorre (LGB '76)

Miami Escalade Dinner 2015

Miami Escalade Dinner 2015

Miami Escalade Dinner 2015

Miami Escalade Dinner 2015

The organizing committee, with custom-made flag.

The marmite, pre-smahsing.

Eduardo, Annath and Christie do the honors

Tasty! Keep some for Christie's kids!!

Another group shot


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Community Administrator says...
Posted jeudi, 26 mai 2016
Hi Valerie... In case they don't spot your comment here, we'll put you in touch with the South Florida alumni so that you don't miss out on any future events. Thanks for dropping by!
Valerie Meyer-Hayes says...
Posted mercredi, 25 mai 2016
Hello! I live in Sarasota and would love to join you for la prochaine reunion pour l'Escalade !!! I graduated 1980 from La Chataigneraie. A bientot ! A Valerie Meyer
Community Administrator says...
Posted vendredi, 18 décembre 2015
Thanks for the comment Tanya. You do all look smashing!
Tanya Tweeton (Smith) says...
Posted vendredi, 18 décembre 2015
I think all of us look smashing!I t was so great to be back in contact with those that attended Ecolint! What fond memories this evening evoked!

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