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Return of the '66ers

vendredi, 24 juin 2016   (4 Comments)
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Ten alumni who were at LGB together until 1966 came back to the campus yesterday, 50 years after they went their separate ways. Their visit included discussions with student mentor groups, an assembly in the Greek Theatre  addressed by two of the alumni and a tour of the campus.

The group marking their 50 year anniversary included:  Stephen Arbuthnot, Dan Burns, Tom Charles, Norma Dudde, Robyn Hoffman, Rami Khouri, Bob Rae, Zafar Shaheed, Lynette Shi Siaojing and Roger Murray. (In fact Zafar, Lynette and Roger all graduated in 1967 but were in the same class group.)

Class of 66 Reunion
Pictured above, in the first row from left to right, are Roger Muarry, Norma Dudde, Lynn Charles (wife of Tom), Lynette Shi Siaojing and, just out of the frame, Bob Rae's wife Arlene. In the second row are Wendy Giardina (LGB '73, sister of Robyn Hoffman), Manzo Nitta (LGB '67, who dropped by to catch up with some old friends), Robyn Hoffman, Tom Charles, Zafar Shaheed and Dan Burns.


Class of 66 Reunion
Students from the LGB Secondary School took shade from the June sunshine to listen to talks from two of the alumni, Bob Rae and Stephen Arbuthnot.


Class of 66 Reunion
Bob Rae, whose career in politics included time as Premier of Ontario and who is now a prominent advocate for a range of progressive causes (see Wikipedia), spoke to the students about how the world has changed since he was at Ecolint, but also about the things that have not changed. He urged them to think about the difference that they can make in the world.

Class of 66 Reunion
He finished his speech referring to three key questions, attributed to the Jewish scholar Hillel the Elder: "If I am not for myself who is for me? And being for my own self, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?".



Class of 66 Reunion
The Assembly was also addressed by Bob Rae's classmate Stephen Arbuthnot, who talked about his life after Ecolint, which took him to the USA where he became a police officer, most notably serving in Internal Affairs.

Stephen was born in Geneva and completed all of his education at Ecolint. During a presentation yesterday on the history of the school, given by Foundation Archivist Alejandro Rodriguez-Giovo, Stephen was surprised to learn that the house in which he grew up was at the same address as the very first premises used by Ecolint when it was founded in 1924. His family lived in a house at Route de Florissant 45, next to which was the Chalet Ferrière, loaned to the school by one of its founders Adolphe Ferrière. This serendipitous discovery may lead to new information about the earliest days of the school.


Class of 66 Reunion
Earlier in the day, individually and in small groups, the returning alumni visited Year 10 students who were spending time with their mentors. Both the alumni and the students enjoyed the wide-ranging discussions that took place, with a focus on the values that have guided the alumni through their lives and careers. Pictured above, in the Pavillon des Langues, are Dan Burns, Lynette Shi Siaojing and Zafar Shaheed.


Class of 66 Reunion
Rami Khouri talked with a group of students in the Château, a building which during his time at Ecolint was synonymous with the "French side".

We were delighted to welcome the group back to school, and have already heard mention of a possible LGB '67 reunion to take place next June. Watch this space!

> Find more photos from this reunion, courtesy of Roger Murray, in the LGB '66 Group



Ian Logan says...
Posted samedi, 2 juillet 2016
Tried this yesterday - but my comment hasn't appeared - so I'll try again. Lovely to see so many familiar faces - Lynette, Bob, Stephen, Rami and - in especially Norma. And sorry not to have been there. Bob has a lot of mentions on the Internet - but I am there, too. Look perhaps at: And there is a recent interview and photo on: Haven't the 50 years left us lots of memories. Best wishes Ian
Paul Elwell-Sutton says...
Posted vendredi, 1 juillet 2016
Wonderful memories recalled. How fascinating to learn of your various pathways in life.
Zafar Shaheed says...
Posted vendredi, 1 juillet 2016
Hey, Farifteh! Good to read you. Lynette and I were indeed speaking about Chemin Thury days - and with my siblings, who also happened to pass through Geneva recently. All the very best to you and Lily...Zafar
Farifteh Robb (Hafezi) says...
Posted vendredi, 1 juillet 2016
It was wonderful for me to see Zafar Shaheed and Lynette Sze who were our neighbours in in Campel 1950- 1965 and who Imhaven't see for 60 years! Farifteh Hafezi (now Robb) Ecolint 1956-1965

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