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Stories from Internat life in the late 1950s

mercredi, 14 mars 2018   (1 Comments)
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Mary Bachofen-Echt (LGB '57) contacted the Alumni Office at the beginning of the year, sending in pictures and stories about her years at the LGB internat in the late 1950s. Here are the highlights.

Beware the hamsters!!

The picture of the funeral (see below) has a fun story to it. The girls in the internat had two hamsters. Then, we had more  and more and we all distributed them among us so no teacher would find out. We kept them in the drawers of our rooms and only let them out when we were there - during study or at least when we were certain that no teacher was about.One evening one got away a ran down the corridor just as Melle Groeflin came out of her room. She screamed hysterically: "a mouse, a mouse!!!"  Everyone came out, and we all tried to catch the poor hamster which ended up being killed as a door slammed and hit it. We were all found out and had to give up our hamsters. The killed one was buried in the mail court yard -as you can recognize. The whole internat went into mourning!

Lessons with Melle Hartoch

I had the most wonderful teachers. My all-time favourite was Melle Hartoch. She lived on the first floor of the building opposite the main house. In that building was the secretariat, the library, the teachers room and through an extra entrance you went up the stairs to Melle Hartoch's apartment. My best friend Geri and I took private lessons with her twice a week. She had a wonderful way of teaching. She never spoke anything but Russian to us and after one year, we both were so good, we were able to read "War and Peace" in Russian. One day, as I was sitting on her couch reading, she on my side, I suddenly saw a front tooth fall from her mouth and roll onto the carpet and stop a few feet from where we were sitting. She never lost her cool.She got up and picked up her tooth, went to her large mirror which was on the wall to our left, stuck her tooth back into its place and without a word, continued her lesson.

Mary Bachofen's senior yearbook entry

Internat gossip

My very first year, I had an American "boyfriend," which in those days was a bit different than today. He was caught with me in the woods, and was accused of meeting me on the roof one night (which was not true) but he was asked to leave after the end of the school term. 
He is now a lawyer in California and I spoke to him 11 or 12 years ago when I was in San Francisco. He was quite surprised to hear me and he was quite funny, because  he simply never forgot the fact that I was able to stay while he was asked to leave. I did have a room that gave onto the roof but I never used the window. I had a lot of friends who came to my room at night to get onto the roof to meet their friends from the boy's side, but I swear, I never went up!!!

Couples studying in the woods behind the sports field


John C. Shillock says...
Posted dimanche, 18 mars 2018
Those were the days!

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